Sunday, January 23, 2011

Enchanted Evening

I began with the blue faceted rounds. Then added the triangle connectors. It took a bit to arrange the middle strand perfectly. Then I struggled to finish the piece. After several tries I found just the right rounds to compliment the gunmetal roses. I see this piece being worn with an evening gown hence Enchanted Evening.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jackie Oh My Pearls

The latest piece from my Winter Collection called Jackie Oh My Pearls. Pearls, Pearls, and more Pearls is the essence of this piece. Reminiscent of Jackie and her pearls with a simple twist - the addition of the 18mm pearl. I have had this string of pearls for many months unsure how to use them. Until I purchased the large pearls that were like Christmas bulbs. 17"

New tools

I discovered some of the "tools" available at etsy back in the fall. I have updated these tools (as well as the etsy listings). You will see that I have changed my etsy listing on the blog from the "magazine" display to the "brick" display. You may notice that I have new pictures for many of etsy listings. Thanks to a new camera and a few photography tips, I have done away with only using the green background. I hope these changes allow the true essence of my jewelry to be seen.

The picture above is the after picture with new camera and a neutral background. The before pictures follows for you to see the transformation


Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Year

I hope that everyone's holidays were splendid (or at least not too traumatic). I took the longest out-of-the office break since 2007. Boy did I need it. I even managed to crank out some jewelry while I was out. And even a few pieces since I returned. All will be posted in the weeks to come (still trying to catch up on work while I was away).

The first piece to be listed is one was created while I was in Iowa and stayed in Iowa. My grandmother is enjoying this piece (and she just loves it) that embodies my Winter collection.