Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April blog tour posted on Art Bead Scene blog

The April blog tour has been posted on the Art Bead Scene blog.  This was said about my first submission.

 "Angela Lund-Logan proves that inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places, like one artist's natural interpretation connected to another artist. Here she shows us that the tree in this Klimt painting has a similar color and feature of Monet's proving that art can spring forth from art."
Thank you for the nice comment.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

April ABS Submission #2

I focused on the green in the inspiration painting for this piece and used a dragonfly theme.  The dragonfly pendant is from PajegoArtHouse on etsy.  The cabochon is by Glass Art Cabochons on etsy as was the pendant from my first submission.  I used square stainless steel German style wire to wrap the cabochon.

Walk in the Meadows at Argenteuil by Monet

Monday, April 15, 2013

Meadow Tree of Life necklace

This month's inspiration piece is by Claude Monet.  When I saw the piece, I thought of a cabochon that I had bought with the tree from Klimt's Tree of Life painting.  
Odd that I thought of Klimt from a Monet painting.  Perhaps it was that I had the cabochon sitting on the table when I was looking at the inspiration piece.  I spotted the orange in the painting first so that may be why I was drawn to the Klimt cabochon.  The cabochon is from Glass Art Cabochons on etsy.  Sandy has a lovely variety of cabochons available in her shop.  I thought that using copper wire would best accent the orange in the cabochon as well as highlight the orange in the inspiration piece. 
Since I wanted to let the beauty of the cabochon shine and be the focal point, pearls seemed the most logical option.  Continuing the copper theme, I handmade the fish hook with a wrapped loop.  I connected jumprings so that the fish hook could fit into any of the loops to make the necklace the perfect length for any outfit.

Inspiration piece: Walk in the Meadows at Argenteuil by Monet