Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pantone's Fashion Color Report Spring/Summer 2014

Here is the Spring/Summer 2014 predictions from Pantone.
PLACID BLUE                  VIOLET TULIP                  HEMLOCK                    PALOMA
CELOSIA ORANGE        RADIANT ORCHID            CAYENNE                    FREESIA
                                        DAZZLING BLUE

I just recently found, and fell in love with, Chrissie Morris shoes.  I have listed a few pairs I found in the pantone colors for s/s 2014

DAZZLING BLUE                                                                                       HEMLOCK

                             FREESIA                            CELOSIA ORANGE 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shoes by Chrissie Morris

I stumbled upon shoes designed by Chrissie Morris today.  She opened her own label in 2007.  She is inspired by the medieval era, the 60's, and sci-fi future.  She adorns stingray and python skins with semiprecious stones and Swarovski crystals for art-deco appearance.

I was totally enamored by the art-deco style of these shoes.  Anyone who has seen my Gatsby collection knows how I feel about art-deco.  The last two photos illustrate that she isn't afraid of color.

             Roisin                                                          Marissa
F/W 09


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Steampunk Weekend at Bristol Ren Faire

This post is quite a bit late since the weekend was in July.  Thought that I should post this since I posted the outfit I wore to WWII days.
Jewelry that I made for the outfit:

I wire wrapped the gold cogs onto the Vintaj antiqued brass rectangle.  I torch fired the patina on the copper cogs.  Then riveted the clock hands and large cogs onto an antiqued copper coin.  Using jumprings I connected the earstuds and the riveted cogs to the rectangles.

There pendants are attached to an antiqued brass chain without an clasp. The bottom drop is a collection of clock parts I glued on to a brass bezel.  The topmost drop is a brass drop to which I attached a green stone.  Off of the topmost drop hangs a bronze pendant made by Christie Friesen.

I began with nuts from Susan Lenart Kazmer's Industrial Chic collection.  I created three sets of washer by wrapping 26 gauge wire around two washers.  I then put orange colored copper wire jumprings onto each end of the sets.  The sets were attached to each other with green plastic jumprings.  The final touch was a losbster clasp on one end and two jumprings of orange color copper wire.

2013 World War II Days Midway Village

Located in Rockford, Illinois, this the world's largest WWII reenactment.  It is great to partake again this year.  I decided this year that I would dress up.  My outfit:

Dress purchased from Culture Shock.  Hat purchased at WWII days 2012 and is not a reproduction.  The veil had to be removed as it was damaged.  Shoes purchased from Hot Topic.  Necklace purchased from a store on Navy Pier.
Culture Shock is a locally owned store that carries similar clothing as Hot Topic as well as records and other amazing things.  

Saturday, July 27, 2013

July Art Bead Scene challenge necklace

When I looked at the inspiration piece for the July Art Bead Scene challenge, the first thing I saw was the bright yellow flower on the chair.  I knew that I needed to make the flower pendant my focal point.  Having taken ten classes at the Milwaukee Bead and Button show, I decided to use the skills I had acquired to make the flower pendant.

I began with a sheet of 24 gauge copper.  I sawed the outline of the flower from the sheet.  My artistic husband drew in the lines for the petals that I then etched on the flower.  I torch enameled the yellow and green color to the flower. I then wanted to add a leaf to the necklace.  I thought about using my saw and making a leaf similar to the flower pendant. However, I had taken two classes on folding metal and decided to make a folded copper leaf.
 I added the patina using my torch.  The backside had a nice torch patina as well. 

Then I had to decide where the leaf would be placed on the necklace as well as the other components.  This was harder than I expected.  I started making several variants of flower beads with a bead cap and leaf all on a wrapped loop eye pin.  I also made two flowers from lucite cali lily beads on wrapped loop eye pins.  Combing these elements was a bit of a challenge.  I finally decided that a minimalist idea with chain was best.
The final step was the clasp.  I added a single picasso faceted bead on a wrapped loop headpin to the end of the chain, for a more finished look, with a lobster clasp on the other side.

The finished piece.    

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June Village

One option for wearing the focal piece         The other option is to attach the hook
           attach the hook to the clasp            or                                       to the circle

This is my entry for the June are Bead Scene Challenge.  The house beads were made by Odd Designs NC on etsy.  I picked these up at her booth in 2012 and have been waiting for the perfect inspiration.  I picked up the lovely bird from the Humble beads booth this year as it seemed to flow with the inspiration pieces and the houses.  The white spacers were purchased from Julie Miller’s booth.  

Inspiration piece Jackknife Village by Franklin Carmichael

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bead & Button show

I attended the 2013 Bead & Button show in Milwaukee again this year.  In the 11 days I was there I took 10 classes and purchased some great deals.  I will be posting several entries detailing all of the wonderful things I learned, people I met, booths I enjoyed, etc.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Art Bead Scene May Blog Tour

The blog tour is out for this month.  I am very excited to have one of my submissions pictured:

Tesori Trovati wrote that I "got super inspired this month and created two great pieces inspired by the painting!  Flowers take center stage with both of her creations.  This one has the feel of the vase in those barrel beads and allow the beauty of that one solitary bloom to be extra special.

Friday, May 24, 2013

May ABS challenge - Second Submission

This is my second submission for this month's challenge.  The beads are from beetreebyme on etsy.  I added antiqued copper beads to the beads by beetreebyme.  The beads are on a single piece of orange wire with a hook and eye clasp.  I wrapped the hook in copper wire.  The earwires are handmade.
Inspiration piece: 

ABS May challenge - First piece

This is the first piece that I am submitting to the ABS May challenge.

I began with the focal, orange crush dogwood from Humble Beads, as it seemed so appropriate for the inspiration piece.

I then added the orange porcelain ovals, Czech Preciosa Ornela glass pearls and antiqued copper beads.

To finish out the necklace I handmade the clasp with antiqued copper wire and antiqued copper beads.

The inspiration piece is Vase with Flowers in a Window by Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April blog tour posted on Art Bead Scene blog

The April blog tour has been posted on the Art Bead Scene blog.  This was said about my first submission.

 "Angela Lund-Logan proves that inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places, like one artist's natural interpretation connected to another artist. Here she shows us that the tree in this Klimt painting has a similar color and feature of Monet's proving that art can spring forth from art."
Thank you for the nice comment.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

April ABS Submission #2

I focused on the green in the inspiration painting for this piece and used a dragonfly theme.  The dragonfly pendant is from PajegoArtHouse on etsy.  The cabochon is by Glass Art Cabochons on etsy as was the pendant from my first submission.  I used square stainless steel German style wire to wrap the cabochon.

Walk in the Meadows at Argenteuil by Monet

Monday, April 15, 2013

Meadow Tree of Life necklace

This month's inspiration piece is by Claude Monet.  When I saw the piece, I thought of a cabochon that I had bought with the tree from Klimt's Tree of Life painting.  
Odd that I thought of Klimt from a Monet painting.  Perhaps it was that I had the cabochon sitting on the table when I was looking at the inspiration piece.  I spotted the orange in the painting first so that may be why I was drawn to the Klimt cabochon.  The cabochon is from Glass Art Cabochons on etsy.  Sandy has a lovely variety of cabochons available in her shop.  I thought that using copper wire would best accent the orange in the cabochon as well as highlight the orange in the inspiration piece. 
Since I wanted to let the beauty of the cabochon shine and be the focal point, pearls seemed the most logical option.  Continuing the copper theme, I handmade the fish hook with a wrapped loop.  I connected jumprings so that the fish hook could fit into any of the loops to make the necklace the perfect length for any outfit.

Inspiration piece: Walk in the Meadows at Argenteuil by Monet

Friday, March 29, 2013

March ABS blog tour

The March blog tour from Art Bead Scene blog is out.

My submission:

The following is from the blog post:

"I love the earthy feel of the necklace that Angela Lund-Logan made with a sweet birdie pendant.  The rich yellows and browns remind me of the forest floor and I love anything with a positive message!"

Friday, March 22, 2013

Live Bravely - March ABS submission

This necklace consists of varying shapes and shades of yellow on copper wire.  The antique copper lobster clasp connects to a spiral with a yellow bead at the center.  

I purchased the pendant from Pam and Heather Wynn's both at the Milwaukee Bead and Button show.  The pendant is attached by a handmade headpin that I enameled.  The bird seemed the perfect pendant for the inspiration piece for the message as well as the color and shape.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Trends

Here are some of the trends for Spring 2013

Asian: silks, floral prints, sashes

Flamenco - frilly accents and flowers

Luxe Denim


Safari - animal prints

Boudoir - lingerie style items like silks, sheers, bras