Saturday, September 21, 2013

Steampunk Weekend at Bristol Ren Faire

This post is quite a bit late since the weekend was in July.  Thought that I should post this since I posted the outfit I wore to WWII days.
Jewelry that I made for the outfit:

I wire wrapped the gold cogs onto the Vintaj antiqued brass rectangle.  I torch fired the patina on the copper cogs.  Then riveted the clock hands and large cogs onto an antiqued copper coin.  Using jumprings I connected the earstuds and the riveted cogs to the rectangles.

There pendants are attached to an antiqued brass chain without an clasp. The bottom drop is a collection of clock parts I glued on to a brass bezel.  The topmost drop is a brass drop to which I attached a green stone.  Off of the topmost drop hangs a bronze pendant made by Christie Friesen.

I began with nuts from Susan Lenart Kazmer's Industrial Chic collection.  I created three sets of washer by wrapping 26 gauge wire around two washers.  I then put orange colored copper wire jumprings onto each end of the sets.  The sets were attached to each other with green plastic jumprings.  The final touch was a losbster clasp on one end and two jumprings of orange color copper wire.

2013 World War II Days Midway Village

Located in Rockford, Illinois, this the world's largest WWII reenactment.  It is great to partake again this year.  I decided this year that I would dress up.  My outfit:

Dress purchased from Culture Shock.  Hat purchased at WWII days 2012 and is not a reproduction.  The veil had to be removed as it was damaged.  Shoes purchased from Hot Topic.  Necklace purchased from a store on Navy Pier.
Culture Shock is a locally owned store that carries similar clothing as Hot Topic as well as records and other amazing things.