Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Business Casual....How Casual?

How Casual is Business Casual

A great article about business casual came from HubSpot.  There is information for men as well as women.  HubSpot believes these ladies know business casual:
Business casual is not matching suit in black, dark grey, or dark blue only, and the color and pattern of your shirt should simple. Wear closed-toe, low-heeled shoes (two inches or less) in black, dark grey, or dark blue for business formal.
What business casual should be listed by category below:
Shirt: Blouse, plain shirt (with no logo), sweater, turtleneck, or sleeveless shirt with a collar. It's standard to wear a monotone shirt, but patterns are acceptable if they aren't outrageous. You can tuck your shirt in or leave it untucked, depending on your style. Make sure to wear a belt if you tuck your shirt into trousers. Never wear a shirt or dress revealing your cleavage, your back, or your midriff.
Pants: Dress pants, khakis, trousers, or corduroy pants. Black and grey are best. No jeans of any color is usually the default, though I've seen certain, less formal industries give well-tailored jeans a pass.
Skirt/Dress: No shorter than three inches above the knee. No sundresses or skintight dresses.
Shoes: Closed-toed flats are the best option. Leather shoes, formal open-toed shoes, and heels are okay too -- but absolutely no sandals, flip flops, sneakers, or casual boots.
Accessories: Light jewelry and a simple, nice-looking purse. No hats or head covers unless it's required for religious purposes or cultural traditions.
Outerwear: A nice sweater, jacket, trench coat, or peacoat is appropriate. No athletic jackets, or sweatshirts.