Sunday, April 15, 2012

Carolina Herrera F/W 2011-2012

I know that I am a bit behind the times with this posting.  However, I just discovered Video Fashion! Daily on Hulu Plus and saw this collection.  BREATHTAKING!  I think she is my new favorite designer. I LOVED almost every piece and I never say that about high fashion.  Of course, the inspiration behind the collection was the "real woman" as the designer explains during an interview.

My favorite piece:
I love the colors.
I love the shape of the skirt.
I love the vivid print and color interaction of the blouse.

I know that everyone will be shocked that the girl obsessed with green likes the blue pieces from the collection.

The lines are beautiful.
The length is perfect.
The shoes are an amazing accent.
I could see myself wearing this to court (with a jacket of course).
This collection truly is about the "real woman."
The pants are amazing.
I like the jacket.  It has an amazing neckline.
The lines created by this are splendid.

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