Monday, April 15, 2013

Meadow Tree of Life necklace

This month's inspiration piece is by Claude Monet.  When I saw the piece, I thought of a cabochon that I had bought with the tree from Klimt's Tree of Life painting.  
Odd that I thought of Klimt from a Monet painting.  Perhaps it was that I had the cabochon sitting on the table when I was looking at the inspiration piece.  I spotted the orange in the painting first so that may be why I was drawn to the Klimt cabochon.  The cabochon is from Glass Art Cabochons on etsy.  Sandy has a lovely variety of cabochons available in her shop.  I thought that using copper wire would best accent the orange in the cabochon as well as highlight the orange in the inspiration piece. 
Since I wanted to let the beauty of the cabochon shine and be the focal point, pearls seemed the most logical option.  Continuing the copper theme, I handmade the fish hook with a wrapped loop.  I connected jumprings so that the fish hook could fit into any of the loops to make the necklace the perfect length for any outfit.

Inspiration piece: Walk in the Meadows at Argenteuil by Monet

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  1. What an elegant necklace, Angela. Your choice of copper wire and the pearls compliment the cabochon perfectly and your wire work is perfect!