Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bead and Button Show Milwaukee classes

I am taking a week long break from being a lawyer to expand my jewelry skills. From June 1 - June 10 is the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee.  It is the largest consumer bead show in the world.  The actual show is open to the public June 8 - June 10.  However, there is a preview night on Thursday June 7 for registered attendees.  What, you are probably wondering, goes on between June 1 and June 7?  Classes!  The classes begin June 1 and continue through Sunday June 10.

The first class I have scheduled for Monday June 4th is Stone Wrapping Boot Camp taught by Irina Miech.  I will expand my repertoire on how to wrap cabochons (beads without holes).  Since I have never taken a jewelry class, I think that my stone wrapping techniques weren't TOO bad (example from Spring 2010).  I cannot wait to see what I will be able to do after the class (photo below).

 Colors in Bloom: Enameling is a class I am taking with Kieu Pham Gray (pictured above).  I am VERY excited.  She has already sent out emails getting us excited about the class.  She has a bead store in Cleveland and operates the online store -  Her jewelry has sold in over 30 stores in 10 states.  I will learn to use my torch to enamel and patina.  I will also learn to make copper ball pins.

I am taking Mixed-Metal Mania and Scrap Box Bracelet (and possibly Enameled Fold Forming) with Kim St. Jean.  I am going to learn a plethora of techniques to use on metal - stamping, texturing, patina, folding, riveting and other cold connections, and using my torch.
Spiraled Frenzy Bracelet with Maria Richmond will teach me how to use small wire in conjunction with large wire. I have tried this but would like to have some lessons to perfect the art.  I would love to be able to make and sell bracelets like this.  Put your requests in now!
The countdown has begun.  Rounding up my tools and supplies.  Getting a list of beads I want to purchase together.  Have my floor plan printed out.  Going through the 350+ vendors to determine which booths I MUST stop by.  Learning about Milwaukee....

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