Sunday, May 20, 2012

Italian Ice

This is my submission to the May ABS challenge which hangs at approximately 14". 
I have called it Italian Ice after the inspiration piece by Maurice Utrillo entitled Italian's House at Monmarte.

Being obsessed with the color green, I immediately had ideas for a necklace.  I knew that the tree of life pendant I purchased from Odd Designs at the Milwaukee Bead & Button show would be perfect.  I am very much looking forward to visiting her booth (1117) on during the show preview on June 7th.
I completed the ribbon portion of the necklace at once.  I laid out the pattern of the beads and let the ribbon dry over night.
Then I became distracted as I sold jewelry at my first farmer's market on Mother's Day weekend (Thanks to Double D's B's for letting me share your booth).  Then several custody battles kept me busy with preparation and hearing time.

I did manage to create the earrings just before running off to the third day of a custody battle.  It helped that I had made the earwires while at the farmer's market which are pounded flat for extra flare.  These put a little bounce in my step that day.  Measures approximately 70mm/2 3/4" from curve of earwire.

I final managed to string the beads tonight:

15mm antiqued jade rounds
14mm Afghan jade discs
32mm acrylic peridot flat rounds
I attached the chain to the jumprings and added the lobster clasp.

The length of the necklace can be shortened by attaching the clasp to any loop on the chain.


  1. A fabulous piece! I love the chunkiness (is that a word?) of it. The greens and browns play nicely togehter.

  2. You know I just love that shade of green but I can't wear it as it makes my pale skin loil "sickly" - pretty sure those were my mothers words, not that I disagree! Anyways I love how fresh and smart this piece looks